Freelancing 101 time management

Freelancing 101 For Baby Boomers: Time Management

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If you're a boomer who is looking for your Second Act or your Encore Career you may find yourself bogged down in tasks that don't forward your goals of being an entrepreneur. When you go from full-time employment with structured hours and responsibilities it is sometimes a challenge to realize, "My time is my own BUT I need to be productive with it." No taking lunch dates every day. The laundry and lawnmowing can wait until after your business hours. 

Kicking off a new path in life is exhausting and time-consuming especially when you're pursuing projects, attending networking events and generally trying to make your new business venture a success. Freelancing 101 time management

My advice: Take a deep breath and take some time to read these time management tips for the Boomer Business Owner. They’re short and sweet because I know you don’t have the time for long and wordy! As with anything time or goal management related you need to embrace the tips you believe will work for you, implement one or two and toss the rest.

baby boomer second act

Are You A Baby Boomer Seeking A Second Act?

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I'm a Baby Boomer. I don't say that out loud too often, but when I do I am taken aback for a moment or two at the realization of it! As I am a self-employed solopreneur I know I will be seeking a second act at some point, but for now I am happy to remain self-employed, work from the comfort of my own home and create content for my clients. 

Whether you're calling it your:

  1. Second Act
  2. Your Life Reimagined
  3. Reframing Your Life
  4. Encore Career
  5. Life After Retirement… 
freelance goals

Freelancers Need To Manage Time And Goals

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Procrastination can be the death knell for a productive day in the life of a freelancer. Whether you’re a writer or a coach or a dog groomer, if you let your time slip away from you, you will soon find yourself at the end of the work day and nothing has been crossed off your to-do list. What’s a freelancer who wants to make a living on his or her own to do? Here are my best times for time and goal management.

First, realize that you cannot truly manage time. Everyone is giving the same 1,440 minutes per day. Chances are you won’t work all of those 1,440 as you will likely need to eat, sleep and spend time with family. You will, however, need to manage the goals and tasks you will complete in the minutes that you devote to your freelancing career.

Should You Work On ‘Spec’?

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marblesWhen I was a kid, every fourth grader worth his salt had a bag of marbles (a wool sock usually, leather if you were rich) that he tied to his belt to play with during recess.  They included various species of favorite marble types like “alleys,” “cat eyes,” aggies and of course his favorite shooter which might be a “taw” or a “steely” (a steel ball bearing that he swiped from his dad’s workbench).  

You guarded them as zealously as Midas watched his gold and assuming you didn’t “play for keeps” the only way they left your possession was if you traded another worthy for more your favorite kinds (mine were the clear colored gems called logically enough “clearies”).

The trading of these treasures was my first introduction to economics.  And it says something about humans that a bunch of raggedy nine-year-old boys instinctively discovered the essence of negation all on their own.

sales tips for freelancers

Sales Tips for Freelancers

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“Hey Mister, do you want to buy a raffle ticket?” Does that bring back memories? For many of us, our first exposure to selling was when we were doing so to raise funds for Little League or Girl Scouts. The experience is painful mainly because that’s not selling—it’s begging. It’s no surprise we found that unpleasant.