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The Reasons Solopreneurs Stop Blogging

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The Reasons Solopreneurs Stop Blogging are myriad and varied. If you're a solopreneur I do believe that blogging is one of the best ways in which you can build community and share your expertise. Without a blog on your website, you have a static online presence and Google appreciates new content and when you blog you are feeding Google and helping amp up your search- and "find-ability" online. 

In my work with solopreneurs and my conversations with entrepreneurial colleagues I have gleaned insight into why they may have started blogging, stalled, then gave up completely and here is what I have uncovered. 

 The Reasons Solopreneurs Stop Blogging 

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Tips To Amplify Your Freelance Writing Efforts

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What challenges do you face as a freelance writer? Let’s take a step back and answer this, “what challenges do you face as an entrepreneur who is faced with having to write?” Why would an entrepreneur have to write you may be asking? If he or she wants to share the story of their business, then writing will be on the agenda. Telling your business story is the start of all things you will do to grow your business. You will need to craft an elevator speech, share updates on social media and write blog posts as a way to share your expertise.

Words are all around us and the savvy freelancer needs to know how to harness those words (or he or she needs to know enough to know they don’t want to harness them and will hire a professional writer to do it for them) and share them on their website, blog, social media and in networking events.

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Tips To Tell A Better Business Story

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Storytelling is a skill and an art. Perhaps we read stories to our children and we emulated the voice of the big, bad wolf or perhaps we just read with a bit of inflection in our voice. Our children didn't care they just wanted to get to the meat of the story. The same is true for entrepreneurs who are telling their business stories to colleagues or to potential clients at a networking event. It doesn't matter if you take on the big, bad wolf persona, as long a you draw the listener into your business story. 

Storytelling for business owners has been a major theme in many realms this year. Why? Because no longer can you set yourself apart by offering "great customer service" nor do you want to be the "lowest price in town" or "we care about our clients," there may be truth to any or all of those statements and you're not setting yourself apart if those are the messages you intone when you are at a networking event. 

How can you become a skilled storyteller of your own business tale? Here are a few tips: 

Own your story.

For the longest time I didn't own the fact that I am a breast cancer survivor. Why? I didn't want to attend a networking meeting and share my story and feel that everyone was looking at my chest. What I leanred, however, is that when I was sharing my secrets to task aka time management and conquering the overwhelm my being a breast cancer survivor IS my story. It is what made me the task management and productivity guru that I am today. Without telling my story, and owning it, I could be any other productivitiy expert. It's my story that sets me apart. It gives me credibility. business story telling

Practice before you present.

Just as you'd probably rehearse your elevator speech before you delivered it, you should practice your business story.Know the "why" of your business story. If I just mentioned in passing, "I'm a breast cancer survivor" but it is in't in any context with what I do in my business or for my clients, then it might seem like I am just sayign that to perhaps evoke sympathy. Have a reason for your business story. Know the why of it as well as the how of it. The "how" is how it made you the entrepreneur you are today and/or the how you deliver your goods and services to your clients. 

Know that you have a story.

Every business owner, just as every person, has a story. It's what made you who you are today. Simply living life and surviving childhood or parenthoot or taking the leap into owning your own business gives you a story. Embrace it. If you're not sure what your story is, you may want to talk with us. We can help you determine not only your expertise, but the story behind it. We can help you embrace the "how and the why" you are the entrepreneur that you are today. If you've ever heard of the Writer's Journey, a book by Christopher Vogler, you will understand that every person takes this journey it's a matter of understanding how to share it and how it helped you become the professional you are today. 

Take some time today to ask yourself these questions. Write down the answers as they will help you begin to formulate your business story: 

  1. What is your area of expertise?
  2. What made you decide to pursue the business path that you're on?
  3. How do you deliver your goods and services to your clients? 
  4. What feedback have you received from clients? 
  5. What inciting incident prompted you to leave your ordinary world and become an entrpreneur or to focus on a particular niche? (The inciting incident and leaving your ordinary world are part of The Writer's Journey)

Knowing the answers to these questions gives you the foundation for your business story and you can build on it from there. 

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How To Write Strong Content

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Writers write. It's a mantra I share with those who take my writing classes. It's not enough to merely write, though and this is especially true if you're wriring on the Internet. If you're blogging and no one is reading, is it worth the trouble? Perhaps not. Whta you need to to is write strong content. Content that draws a reader in and keeps him or her reading until the end of the post and perhaps inspires the reader to leave a comment or share your post on social media. That's what we all want. 

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Find Your ‘Expert’ Craft

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Because of my background, I tend to analyze sales people.  I watch how they interact.  How they do their business.  I judge—a lot.

Successful freelancers live in a virtuous spiral.  They seem to succeed effortlessly.  They are confident.  It’s that trait the nonprofessional notices first –that confidence.  So much so that they identify that as a characteristic, a good freelancer needs to be confident.

I think that puts the cart before the horse.